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Stepcop Project Services LimitedStepcop Project Services LimitedStepcop Project Services Limited

Project Management

Project Management Services

Our project management services are geared towards offering integrated construction solutions to ensure that our clients’ objectives of providing good quality constructed facilities within budget and schedule are met while optimizing resources. We have a qualified and experienced project management team led by Q.S. Stephen K. Muriithi who has a Master’s Degree in Construction Management and more than 16 years’ experience as a consultant in construction. Under project management, we provide the following services among others singly or in combination; .

Using the experience gained over the years, we are able to source and put together a team of consultants suited to the project to give advice on all aspects of the project from inception and design to completion. While the number of team members may vary from project to project depending on its size and complexity, the team may include the following professionals:

Project Manager
Quantity Surveyor
Structural and civil engineer
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Land surveyor
Valuation surveyor
Financial analyst/ investment appraisal expert
Legal advisor
Property manager/selling or leasing agent
Our services involve conducting a study at the inception of a project to establish the viability of the project. Feasibility studies provide the client with an appraisal and recommendation in order that they may determine the form in which the project is to proceed, ensuring that it is viable functionally, technically and financially and is within legal, planning and other regulatory constraints.
Through a rigorous process of either open or selective tendering, we identify a suitable construction team led by a main contractor to carry out the actual construction work under supervision of the design team. This team may include the following members:

Main contractor
Electrical sub-contractor
Mechanical sub-contractor
Other specialist sub-contractors as the project may require
We coordinate the project design team and the project construction team to ensure that a spirit of partnership is maintained with an eye on one objective of delivering quality to our clients on time and within budget.

The goal is to ensure that the correct contracts are entered into, budgets are adhered to, that good workmanship is maintained, decisions are made on time and that the work is generally well supervised.
As members of the project delivery team, we represent the client in the same way as if he/she were a member of the team himself but with the added benefit of our qualification and experience in the built environment industry. We ensure that the interests of the client are protected in a manner that is fair to the contractor. In this way, our clients get value for money and conflict and disputes are avoided.
We are keen to ensure that every project is brought to a successful end. We ensure that the project is handed over to our clients in a timely manner, and that final accounts are prepared as required and contracts closed effectively.
We also advice on and offer alternative project delivery methods to match the needs of the project.